For the first time Association, LATGA is joining the Culture Night marathon and presenting an impressive event to Vilnius residents and city guests in the Town Hall Square, "LATGA Authors' house, "during which well-known Lithuanian authors of various art fields will share the stage and the attention of the spectators with artists from war-torn Ukraine. The event will be opened by Vilnius University (VU) Wind Orchestra "Oktava".

Artists have created a method for observation practice for each participant via an audioguide that invites us to take the time to learn attentively how to observe and explore objects and the environment. The creative team encourages us to develop the habit of observing and to apply it to our everyday lives.

Would you like to learn how to dance the passionate dance of Argentinian Tango? From 27th of April Argentinian Tango Association of Lithuania invites you to three intro lessons of this dance, which will be held at Vilnius University Business Scholl hall.

Vilnius University (VU) Culture Centre invites international students to participate in a Storytelling Open Stage Night! Come on 27th of April, at 7 PM to VU Confucius Institute, where you will be able not only listen, but also tell a story about HOME, since this is the theme of this Open Stage Night. The hostess of the evening is VU Culture Centre Storyteller Milda Varnauskaitė.

Artists have created a method for observation practice for each participant via an audioguide that invites us to take the time to learn attentively how to observe and explore objects and the environment. The creative team encourages us to develop the habit of observing and to apply it to our everyday lives.

Vilnius University Centre of Culture unites 12 art groups - choirs, orchestras, theaters and ensembles. The main aim of the Centre is to offer services to the community of the University, i.e. to create and maintain its cultural educational spread and provide the opportunity of artistic self-expression and development of a creative personality for university students, employees and graduates.

First Vilnius University Organ Studio Unda Maris Online Recital starts on May 29th, 12 PM no YouTube.


Unda Maris Organ Studio unites members of Vilnius University community who love organ music and pipe organs. For a number of years they have been practicing at Vilnius University St John's church which has the largest pipe organ in Lithuania. At the end of the academic year members of studio usually play a joint recital at this church.

But last year in 2020, when COVID pandemic hit the world, Unda Maris were in quarantine and the church was inaccessible so they couldn't practice and perform. Luckily this year we decided to do virtual rehearsals on the instruments that our members have at home. You might have seen these virtual rehearsals on their YouTube channel. Some play on a virtual organs such as Hauptwerk and GrandOrgue, some use electronic instruments or even a piano. The most important thing is that members can continue to practice and develop their organ playing skills.

Therefore this year members are able to present  this recital. You will hear four of Unda Maris organists - Benas Matuzevičius, Audrė Dudėnienė, Karolina Indrulytė and Diana Danilova.

In the program - works by Girolamo Frescobaldi, Johann Ludwig Krebs, Johann Sebastian Bach, Johann Pachelbel, Eric Satie, Cesar Franck and Vidas Pinkevicius.

9th May is the Day of Europe, a day to celebrate the European Union and that, once upon a time, 71 years ago, Robert Schuman, the French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs at that time, gave a speech that would mean the beginning of Europe as we know it today.

WAITING ON AN ISLAND (or 7 days Training for your imagination)

1st. group will start from 28th of August

2nd. group will start from 7th of September

The root of the word isolation derives from the Latin word insula, meaning an island. We are inviting you together with artist Saule Norkute to imagine a time of your quarantine as if being stranded on an unfamiliar island. An island which you can not actively explore but can observe from a safe distance. Due to your organism getting used to this unfamiliar weather conditions and new type of nature you must stay inside for long periods of time and limit intake of unfamiliar air. During this waiting period you will become an explorer and document your everyday life under these new conditions. How do we observe and collect information when we have restricted access? What name would you give to this island? What are the particularities of the inhabitants? What does the new language sound like?

Daily you will be receiving various fun, strange and engaging tasks and suggestions for exploration. You will be documenting your daily observations and exploration through creating text, videos, recording sound, drawing (no drawing skills necessary), collecting samples of the surrounding. Main aim is to turn this period of waiting into observation and exploration, which would leave traces of this period otherwise filled with uncertainty.  

This is an invitation to familiarize yourself with the new country in an imaginative way.

Imagination is wrongly attributed only to children, according to various researchers training and using imagination daily improves our abilities to find unexpected solutions in difficult or mundane situations. Most importantly trained imagination can create and think of completely new scenarios of existing.

Reclaim your imagination and train imagination muscle for a week!



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Milda Varnauskaite

7th of September and 8th of September. From 10 AM till 3 PM with a lunch break

We are inviting you to join a 2-day storytelling workshop for all English speaking students in VU and have fun during isolation time. We can invite only 14 participants, so be quick!


During the workshop:

  • You will learn how to tell true life stories in an interesting and engaging way;
  • You will learn what are the main components of the stories and how to craft them well;
  • You will get some useful tips about the rhythm of the story and the rule of “less is more”;
  • Do you think you have nothing to tell? Everyone does! During the storytelling workshop you will learn a technique of how to find the stories in your life and tell them in a way that everyone will want to listen!
  • You will get a real public speaking experience while in a safe environment. Only 12 people can join the workshop, thus every participant will have access to focussed individual attention, along with group exercises;
  • You will have FUN TIME with your peers, will exercise your creativity and will find new friends.

The online workshop is led by Lithuanian storyteller Milda Varnauskaite (@StorytellerMilda). Milda is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where she finished Mezrab storytelling school and now works as a storyteller at Mezrab Cultural Centre and other various places. Milda is a practitioner of storytelling, thus she is always striving to carry the practical knowledge to her students. Milda is also an alumnus of Vilnius University and a founder of Baltic Storytelling Centre.



Online storytelling

1st of September, 7 p.m.

Open Stage Night: an online storytelling event, where you can listen to stories told by others, share your own story, meet and mingle with new people!


If you want to tell a story drop us a line at

An open air concert by the Vilnius University Wind Orchestra “Oktava” for people who miss evenings filled with the sounds of music.

On July 13th at 7 PM, the Grand Courtyard of Vilnius University (Šv. Jono st. 12) will become a musical fiesta of wind instruments. After a break because of the quarantine and remote concerts, the orchestra is very happy to invite its fans to an evening of live music and the closing of the 69th season of #oktava.

Having rested, recovered and missing live music - we will perform for you.

You can experience the massive sound of wind instruments and carefully selected repertoire in the free-of-charge concert for everyone, in the heart of Vilnius Old Town - the Grand Courtyard of Vilnius University!

The Art Director of the orchestra, Albinas Kučinskas is delighted to close this special season full of challenges with a live performance: “After a long time of performing only in the virtual space, we are happy to play live music again - to experience that feeling of true emotion and close connection between the members of the orchestra and the audience”

We will hear the music from the Phil Collins Collection, commemorate the queen of soul - Aretha Franklin, travel to the world of jazz music with the piece by Chuck Mangione called “Land of Make Believe”, cut the cake of funk with Mike Tomaro’s “Cut the Cake”. We will be immersed in Phillip Sparke’s “Almshouse Street Blues” - a synthesis of folk music, jazz and even bhangra! We will start the powerful brass engine of trumpets in the orchestral piece “Brass Machine”. We must not forget the legends of rock music as well - Pink Floyd and the arrangement of their song “Another Brick in the Wall” for a wind orchestra. Not to mention the jazz standards and the music of animated movies sung by vocalists Martyna Kučytė, Julija Šturo, Paulius Noreika.

You can expect that and so many more musical surprises in this concert.
The youth musicians from the bigband of Balys Dvarionas school of music will perform alongside the orchestra.
The Art Director of the orchestra: Albinas Kučinskas.
Conductors: Albinas Kučinskas, Kristijonas Sakalauskas.
Concert for the whole family, free admission.
The duration of the concert, 1 hour 30 minutes.


„Oktava" po atviru dangumi: 69-ojo sezono uždarymo koncertas

Music event in Vilnius, Lithuania by Vilniaus universitetas / Vilnius University and 2 others on Monday, July 13 2020 with 306 people interested and 84...

Vilnius university Centre of Culture invites international students of Vilnius university to the introductory session of Music therapy. The free of charge session is dedicated to introduce students to the power of music. The session will reveal the potential and wide use of Music therapy and will help to develop a complete relationship with oneself and the environment. When words do not help or are impossible, when emotions are too difficult to express in words… Music therapy can help to fill the emptiness. VU Culture Centre invites you not to be afraid of that emptiness, but to open up a new, authentic experience.

Musical preparation is not necessary for participation. Session will be held in English language. It will take place in SCIC (Scholarly Communication and Information centre), Saulėtekio ave. 5, room A119. Registration is mandatory, you can fill the form.


When? February 17th 6 p.m.

Where? SCIC, Saulėtekio ave. 5, room A119


Duration: 1 h. 30 min.

Max. number of participants: 12

On the 16th of December and the 4th and 18th of January, Vilnius University Centre of Culture invites you to the Church of St. Johns to see the space in a completely new light, to experience it through new sound as well as in virtual reality.

Balfolk - is a modern way of dancing traditional French dances. It’s a general word for European folk dances, revived and redanced in the 70’s in France.

Ratilio albumas 1As we approach the year 2017, which were announced the Year of National Costume in Lithuania, Vilnius University Folklore Ensemble "Ratilio" published a book-album.

National costumes are one of the nation's and the state symbols of ethnic identity and national culture. This book vividly reveals the uniqueness of each Lithuanian ethnic region's traditional costume. Expressive photographs show the beauty of ethnic clothing, of patterns and colors.

The book describes the historical folklore ensemble "Ratilio" costume change  witnessed by former ensemble members both in Lithuanian and English languages. Pictures, divided into 6 sections (Archaeological clothing, Highland (Aukštaitija), Samogitia (Žemaitija), Lithuania Minor, Dzūkija and Suvalkija regional costumes), depicted full costumes and their special details, showcased by the current ensemble members and taken by a professional photographer Natalija Ranceva.

This publication aims to encourage communities to take pride in their ethnographic regional identity, origin and traditions, to attract young people to take interest in and foster a unique regional culture, especially Lithuanians living abroad. Also, this book-album will be very educational for foreigners - it can be a wonderful gift.

Compiled by Milda Ričkutė and Natalija Ranceva
Author of the artistic reconstruction of archaeological costumes, archaeologist Dr. Daiva Steponavičienė
Lithuanian ethnographic costume reconstruction authors: Danutė Keturakienė, Dalia Zagnoj, Danutė Tamošaitienė, Rūta Kučinskienė, Bronė Zadojenkienė, Virginija Markevičienė
Photographer Natalija Ranceva
Text authors: Milda Ričkutė, Daiva Steponavičienė
Photographed in the Lithuanian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum in Rumšiškės

The project is partially financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

The book was published by PI "Akademinė leidyba", 2016.

ISBN 978-9955-33-701-0
UDK 391 (474.5) (084) Ri31

Hardcover, color illustrations, 104 pages.
Dimensions: H 24,5 cm, W 17,4 cm, T 1,1 cm.

The book is being sold in these bookstores in Lithuania.

The book is distributed by the Vilnius University Center of Culture. Contact for more info.

RAtilio issuu

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