The Kinetic theatre is guided by choreographer and director Andrius Pulkauninkas (abbr.: A. Pulka) since 1999. Though it’s constantly changing the members and names, it is being faithful to the traditions of physical/visual/non-verbal theater, and thus confusing consciousness of audience with absurd experiments on the scene.

2011 Amatininku festivalisThe only troup's form is the absence of form. The only existence’s expression is fluidity, because if one can notice the form – it means – the form is already dead. The Kinetic Theatre propagates live improvizasions, use of natural effects and elements (fire, clay, peat, sand, etc.), and risk factors (dangerous tools, sharp instruments) as the method to awaken the sleeping audience. The performances take place indoor as well as outdoor. The performances have strong feel of risk (2 members of the Company work as stuntmen in the cinema production as well), shock and oddity, which creates the general ironical combination of grotesque and absurdity and questions the individual’s peculiarity, personal expression, loneliness, conflict with society, meaninglessness, and emptiness of daily consuming life.

2011 lapkrThe troup participates in nontraditional events, art exhibitions, concerts, cinema/video projects, dance/theater festivals. It keeps in contact with the Lithuanian and international contemporary professional dance/theater scene and contemporary movement of mimes. Stating that “there’s no border between professionals and amateurs, it’s only a border between good and bad performance” they organize alternative festival of interdisciplinary arts Open and workshops inviting people no matter the school they belong to: professionals or amateurs, dance or theater…

VU Kinetic Theatre participated and received the acknowledgement in the number of international festivals covering the geographical range from Europe (Lithuania, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Marocco, Georgie etc.) to Latin America.

Contacts: Andrius Pulkauninkas  

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