2020-07-13 19:00
2020-07-13 20:30

An open air concert by the Vilnius University Wind Orchestra “Oktava” for people who miss evenings filled with the sounds of music.

On July 13th at 7 PM, the Grand Courtyard of Vilnius University (Šv. Jono st. 12) will become a musical fiesta of wind instruments. After a break because of the quarantine and remote concerts, the orchestra is very happy to invite its fans to an evening of live music and the closing of the 69th season of #oktava.

Having rested, recovered and missing live music - we will perform for you.

You can experience the massive sound of wind instruments and carefully selected repertoire in the free-of-charge concert for everyone, in the heart of Vilnius Old Town - the Grand Courtyard of Vilnius University!

The Art Director of the orchestra, Albinas Kučinskas is delighted to close this special season full of challenges with a live performance: “After a long time of performing only in the virtual space, we are happy to play live music again - to experience that feeling of true emotion and close connection between the members of the orchestra and the audience”

We will hear the music from the Phil Collins Collection, commemorate the queen of soul - Aretha Franklin, travel to the world of jazz music with the piece by Chuck Mangione called “Land of Make Believe”, cut the cake of funk with Mike Tomaro’s “Cut the Cake”. We will be immersed in Phillip Sparke’s “Almshouse Street Blues” - a synthesis of folk music, jazz and even bhangra! We will start the powerful brass engine of trumpets in the orchestral piece “Brass Machine”. We must not forget the legends of rock music as well - Pink Floyd and the arrangement of their song “Another Brick in the Wall” for a wind orchestra. Not to mention the jazz standards and the music of animated movies sung by vocalists Martyna Kučytė, Julija Šturo, Paulius Noreika.

You can expect that and so many more musical surprises in this concert.
The youth musicians from the bigband of Balys Dvarionas school of music will perform alongside the orchestra.
The Art Director of the orchestra: Albinas Kučinskas.
Conductors: Albinas Kučinskas, Kristijonas Sakalauskas.
Concert for the whole family, free admission.
The duration of the concert, 1 hour 30 minutes.


„Oktava" po atviru dangumi: 69-ojo sezono uždarymo koncertas

Music event in Vilnius, Lithuania by Vilniaus universitetas / Vilnius University and 2 others on Monday, July 13 2020 with 306 people interested and 84...

2020-02-17 18:00
2020-02-17 19:30

Vilnius university Centre of Culture invites international students of Vilnius university to the introductory session of Music therapy. The free of charge session is dedicated to introduce students to the power of music. The session will reveal the potential and wide use of Music therapy and will help to develop a complete relationship with oneself and the environment. When words do not help or are impossible, when emotions are too difficult to express in words… Music therapy can help to fill the emptiness. VU Culture Centre invites you not to be afraid of that emptiness, but to open up a new, authentic experience.

Musical preparation is not necessary for participation. Session will be held in English language. It will take place in SCIC (Scholarly Communication and Information centre), Saulėtekio ave. 5, room A119. Registration is mandatory, you can fill the form.

When? February 17th 6 p.m.

Where? SCIC, Saulėtekio ave. 5, room A119


Duration: 1 h. 30 min.

Max. number of participants: 12

2020-01-18 17:00
2020-01-18 17:00

On the 16th of December and the 4th and 18th of January, Vilnius University Centre of Culture invites you to the Church of St. Johns to see the space in a completely new light, to experience it through new sound as well as in virtual reality.

2020-01-04 17:00
2020-01-04 20:00

On the 16th of December and the 4th and 18th of January, Vilnius University Centre of Culture invites you to the Church of St. Johns to see the space in a completely new light, to experience it through new sound as well as in virtual reality.

2019-11-30 13:00
2019-12-07 14:30

Balfolk - is a modern way of dancing traditional French dances. It’s a general word for European folk dances, revived and redanced in the 70’s in France.

2019-09-13 20:00

We all dance in VU EN

Vilnius university Centre of Culture warmly invites you to join free folk dance lessons ,,We All Dance in VU". This jolly Lithuanian traditional dance party has already become a lovely fall tradition, which brings together both students and professors, locals and Vilnius city guests - all aspiring not only to get to know with the traditional culture but to simply relax after a workday as well. Twist into the new academic year with a folk dance step on September 13 at 5 p.m. in the Grand Courtyard of Vilnius university!

Balfolk - is a modern way of dancing traditional French dances. It’s a general word for European folk dances, revived and redanced in the 70’s in France. They needed musicians to play the music in a different modern way and people danced for fun rather than the stage. Thus the traditional style developed into something new, creative and flexible as well as keeping deeply grounded traditional steps and being community oriented. Now this dance style unites people from across Europe and has no age and ideology limits - if you want to explore the world of steps and melodies while meeting people in the form of dance - Balfolk is for you and your friends.

Goda Sungailaitė has been exploring the dancing world for years, trying out various dancing styles from ballroom till contemporary. Self-made Lithuanian traditional dance teacher for 9 years who has found a passion for Balfolk with the special focus on its traditional background. A devoted student of Vincent Laine on all questions concerning the French dance tradition. Goda loves dancing and teaching with passion, respect for tradition and joy.

The dance teacher in Vilnius university Folk Group RATILIO, one of the organizers of the traditional traditional dance and music festival Folk LT, teaching and learning in European Balfolk festivals (le Grand Bal d’Europe - and Prague Balfolk Immersion -

September 28 (Saturday), 13:00-14:30

October 12 (Saturday), 13:00-14:30

October 26 (Saturday), 13:00-14:30

November 9 (Saturday), 13:00-14:30

November 23 (Saturday), 13:00-14:30

December 7 (Saturday), 13:00-14:30

 VU Didžioji aula (VU Great Hall), M.K.Čiurlionio st. 21, Vilnius



Vuzgavenes EN

Užgavėnės (Eng. Shrovetide or Mardi Gras) is one of the favorite and entertaining festivities in Lithuania. The event has an extremely playful spirit and offers a myriad of opportunities to play games and self-express. Shrovetide traditions in Lithuania are related to the ancient customs when the Earth was stimulated to wake up for the new cycle of life (springtime). It is a magical time allowing everyone to express their true selves with the help of masks and costumes.

This year Užgavėnes at Vilnius University will take place on March 1st in Grand Courtyard (Universiteto str. 3)

Registration form:

Why we do it? How to be a part of it?
February 6 (Wednesday), 18.00.
VU Culture center, Big aula (Čiurlionio str. 21, Faculty of Medicine)

Užgavėnės masks. Creative workshop part I
February 7 (Thursday), 18.00
VU Culture Center, 353, 362 auditoria (Čiurlionio str. 21, Faculty of Medicine)

Open rehearsals of Užgavėnės songs
February 12 (Tuesday), 17.30
Vilnius University Central, 239 auditorium (Universiteto str. 3)

Open rehearsals for Užgavėnės dances
February 22 (Friday), 15.00
VU Culture center, Big aula (Čiurlionio str. 21, Faculty of Medicine)

Užgavėnės masks. Creative workshop part II
February 25 (Monday), 16.00
Vilnius University Central, 239 auditorium (Universiteto str. 3)

March 1 (Friday), 15.00
Vilnius University Grand Courtyard (Universiteto str. 3)

lb 72

On 13 – 15 of October Cultural Centre of Vilnius University offers a three days introduction course to cover the basics of storytelling. In these three days we will work with you on basic storytelling techniques and give you a taste of how to craft a short story and share it with the audience in an engaging way.

During the workshop:
• You will learn how to bare-bone the stories and extract the essence of the story;
• You will learn how to tell stories in an interesting and engaging way while learning how to internalize stories which were not created by you;
• You will get some useful tips about the rhythm of the story and the rule of “less is more”;
• Do you think you have nothing to tell? Everyone does! During the storytelling workshop you will learn a technique of how to find the stories in your life and tell them in a way that everyone will want to listen!
• You will get a real public speaking experience while in a safe environment. Only 12 people can join the workshop, thus every participant will have access to focussed individual attention, along with group exercises;
• You will have FUN TIME with your peers, will exercise your creativity and will find new friends.

The workshop is led by Lithuanian storyteller Milda Varnauskaite (@StorytellerMilda). Milda is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where she finished Mezrab storytelling school and now works as a storyteller at Mezrab Cultural Centre and other various places. Milda is a practitioner of storytelling, thus she is always striving to carry the practical knowledge to her students. Milda is also an alumnus of Vilnius University and a founder of Baltic Storytelling Centre.

It's easy. Just fill this form: Here
13 October (Sunday) 14.00 - 18.00
14 October (Monday) 16.00 - 20.00
15 October (Tuesday) 15.00 - 18.00
15 October (Tuesday) 19.00 - 21.00 OPEN STAGE evening. Everyone is welcome!
VU Cultural Center (same building as the Faculty of Medicine), Čiurlionio street 21, Didžioji aula, 344 auditorium.


2017 12 30 Дина и Денис 550x800December 30, 18:00 h. Vilnius St Johns Church.

Dina Ikhina and Denis Makhankov are a family duo of young organists from Russia.

The organists will perform for the first time in Vilnius St. Johns’ Churg Organ and present before the New Year's Eve a concert entitled "Farewell to Old Year", in which the audience will enjoy the works of J. S. Bach, P. Tchaikovsky, A. Chekalin, A. Pärto and other composers.

Dina was born in 1986 in Saratov, Denis – 1988 in Ivanovo. Both studied organ music in St. Petersburg under a well-known Russian Federation artist prof. D. Zaretski, later harpsichord under prof. I. Rosanov and have acquired postgraduate degrees in Music.

Since 2014 these organists perform together. The duo concert program consists invariable of pieces by modern composers.

Currently, the organists perform in Russia and throughout Europe, also teach at the St. Petersburg N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatoire and at city music schools, organize organ music festivals in Russia and Estonia. At the same time, the organists work in the famous Arts Palace in Kondopoga, Karelia, and also organize the annual “Grande Orgue” International Organ Music Festival.

Dina and Denis are among the founders and organizers of the project "Organ Concerts in Pechory". The project collects funds for the restoration of the historic Pechory (Pskov Region) organ of the St. Peter church. They were awarded the State Prize "National Recognition 2015" in the Initiative category (Pskov, 2016) and the Pskov Administration Award for this project.

Tickets sold at BilietaiLT button and at the venue before the event.


2017 12 09 Klasika visiemsDecember 9, 20:00 h. St. Johns' Church (Šv. Jono str. 12, Vilnius)

Requiem Mass in D minor (K. 626) - one of the most famous compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791). It was Mozart's last musical work, but it remained unfinished at his death. Later it was completed by his colleague Franz Xaver Süssmayr in 1792.

For the sixth year Vilnius University choirs Pro Musica, Gaudeamus and Virgo (leader Rasa Gelgotiene) together with VU Chamber Orchestra (conductor Paulius B. Konce) have been conducting a musical educational project "Classics for Everyone", in which the classical music lovers join the choirs to perform masterpieces of classical music. This year the "Requiem" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will be performed.

The participants will feature soloists: soprano Gunta Gelgote, mezzo-soprano Ieva Prudnikovaite, tenor Ivan Gusev (Russia), bass Sarunas Sapalas; conductor R. Gelgotiene.

Tickets sold at BilietaiLT button

2017-12-09 20:00:00 2017-12-09 21:00:00 VU Kultūros centras Europe/Vilnius St Johns Church Vilnius Mozart. Requiem

Kamerinis E.Kurausko 550x800December 25, 18:00 h. St Johns' Church (Šv. Jono str. 12, Vilnius)

Vilnius University Chamber Orchestra (artistic director and conductor Paulius Bernardas Konce, conductor-assistant Modestas Jankūnas), winner of the Golden Prize in the World Orchestra Festival Competition 2017 Vienna, Austria, invites you to enjoy graceful baroque lines of Vilnius University and listen to Christmas music in the Church of St Johns. This young orchestra  is preparing a concert as a Christmas gift for you.

The programme will consist of the wonderful Salve Regina by J. A. Hasse, pastorals and symphonies by F. Manfredini, J. Chr. Pez, and J. Stamitz. You will hear Christmas chants and popular Christmas melodies for orchestra by A. Adam, J. F. Wade and F. Gruber. An outstanding musician, unique contratenor Algirdas Bagdonavičius will take part as a solo performer

We wish to welcome you!

Tickets sold at BilietaiLT button

2017-12-25 18:00:00 2017-12-25 19:00:00 VU Culture Center Europe/Vilnius Vilnius St Johns Church Christmas with VU Chamber Orchestra

2017 11 25 Ratilio 800x600November 25, 18.00 h. St Johns' Church (Šv. Jono str. 12, Vilnius)

What does a boy feel when his sisters say good-byes before leaving for war? Does a mother, rocking a crib, think about what future waits for her son? What does a loving young girl feel, waiting for her loved one to come back?

On the Lithuanian Army Day, Vilnius University Folklore Ensemble "Ratilio" invites to reflect on the fate of the soldier at the concert " Žalnierėliu pargrįšiu” (I'll Return a Soldier). The heart of the program is traditional military-historical songs, featuring the drama of the young man who flees his family life for war.

There will be solo and male songs, sounds of violins, kanklės, hurdy-gurdy and other folk instruments. We promise a sacred and cozy evening in the Church of St Johns, which will appeal to everyone who long for a feeling of pure sound, calm presence, sincere feeling of human existence.

"Ratilio", soon to be a 50-year-old ensemble, favors traditional Lithuanian folklore, has accumulated a rich repertoire of all five Lithuanian ethnographic regions. The youth team constantly performs in Lithuania and abroad, is proud to represent the country at international festivals, introduces both Lithuanians and foreigners to the country's cultural heritage. Ensemble's Art director is Milda Ričkutė, Instrumental group leader Kristina Aponavičiutė.

Tickets sold at BilietaiLT button

2017-11-25 18:00:00 2017-11-25 19:00:00 VU Culture Center Europe/Vilnius St Johns Church, Vilnius Ratilio. Žalnierėliu pargrįšiu Lithuanian war-themed folk songs.

December 1, 19.00. St Johns' Church, Vilnius (Šv. Jonų bažnyčia, Šv. Jono str. 12)

The concert of the Advent Folk Songs "Leliumai rana" will reveal the peace, serenity and concentration of the mysterious Advent period. With songs we will grow a tree of life, symbolizing the order and stability of the world, the beginning and the end. We invite you to listen and relax, think and experience how the roots stand in peace, how the wick of a tree grows in care and how the tree blooms in love.

2017 12 01 Rana 1800x1216Rana is a band who has been whispering Lithuanian folk songs for several years, adding their interpretations. The name of the group in Sanskrit means whispering to the gods, as well as the word "rana" is found in the Lithuanian folk songs of the Advent as a vocal word. The mysterious world of folk songs opens to people through sensitive and reflective words, through lovely melodies. Rana merges into secrets of folklore and shares them with listeners.
More about Rana:

Tickets sold at BilietaiLT button and at the venue before the concert.

2017-12-01 19:00:00 2017-12-01 20:00:00 VU Kultūros centras Europe/Vilnius Šv. Jonų bažnyčia, Vilnius Koncertas. Leliumai RANA
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